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Hypertufa Recipes are Quick and Easy
There are a few variations on the basic Hypertufa recipe which includes amounts of:
  • Perlite
  • Peat moss or sand
  • Portland cement (No Sand)
  • Optional: cement color pigments
Proportions run from 1 part cement to 3 parts non cement aggregates to a 1:6 ratio.  For strength, embed metal rods or rebar for items such as stepping stones.  And, an optional handful of fibremesh can be added as a reinforcement.

Add enough water for a soft ball consistency.  Hint: Water should not seep between the fingers when a handful is squeezed.
Thoroughly mix the dry ingredients together so that the cement can coat the aggregates.  Then add clean water, mixing with a strong utensil or by hand, my preferred method.   Using a broad mixing pan that is not too deep is easier to mix in.
Hypertufa Recipes
Find two standard recipes in the right hand boxes.   Several more recipes can be found in our ebook, "How To Create Hypertufa Treasures".

Hypertufa Supplies
The hypertufa recipe supplies can be found at retail stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.  And discount stores offer great inexpensive plastic containers for molds.  
I found Portland Cement in 94 pound bags at Home Depot, a bit heavy to handle.   Lowe's and ACE Hardware are known to carry Quikrete in 10 to 80 pound bags which is great if you are a beginner and want to try it out.
Here's a low cost list of items to get you started:
  • Heavy duty household type of rubber gloves
  • Dust mask to use during mixing
  • Mixing trough or wheel barrow
  • Perlite, Peat, and Portland Cement
  • Plastic bowls to use as molds
  • Plastic bags large enough to cover the mold
  • Optional cement color pigments

 "How To Create Hypertufa Treasures"
Easy steps, recipes, tips and techniques.  You don't have to dig to find out how to build your Hypertufa treasures.  Find several projects and know how in a clear concise manual.   The Table of contents topics include:
  • Tools and Supplies
  • The Process: Steps from start to finish
  • Bonus Leaf Casting
  • Seven Recipes
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Making Molds
  • Curing and Texturizing
It's a complete Hypertufa how to manual for only $10.00.
"How To Create Hypertufa Treasures"


Hypertufa Recipes
With Sand...
1 part Portland Cement
1 Part Peat Moss
1 Part Perlite
1 Part Sand

Standard Hypertufa Recipe
1 Part Portland Cement
1 Part Perlite
2 Parts Peat Moss

Hypertufa Manual

Find Seven Recipes
For pots, bricks, pedestals, leaf castings...
Learn How To...
Learn the steps and procedures to that perfect finished project.
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